5 Tips To Maximize The Value Of Your Junk Car

If you are ready to sell an old junk car, your goal is probably to get the most cash for it. The following tips can help.

1. Have the Title On Hand

The amount of possible buyers for the car opens up when you have the title on hand. Not only will you have the pick of more junk buyers, but they will also often pay more since they won't have to work to clear the title once they buy the vehicle. If you no longer have the title, contact your local department of motor vehicles. They can help you secure a title or salvage title for an old vehicle, typically for only a low fee.

2. Pull High-Value Parts

If you have custom parts on the car that are likely to bring in more from a direct sale rather than as part of the junk package, pull these before getting offers from the junk buyers. Examples include custom rims, aftermarket exhaust packages, or expensive stereo systems. By parting out the high-value pieces before selling the rest of the car as junk, you are more likely to recoup some of the initial investment. 

3. Haul It Yourself

Most junk buyers will pick up your vehicle, but this service isn't completely free. The cost of the tow is figured into the offer that they make for the vehicle. If you have the means to get the junk car to the buyer, such as if you have access to a flatbed or tow vehicle, then you may be able to negotiate a higher buying price.

4. Strip It Down

Know what type of buyer you are working with. Some will take the entire vehicle and strip it down themselves so they can part out the non-metal components and scrap the metal. Others are only interested in the metal scrap and will offer less for the disposal of the non-metal components like seats and plastic dashes. You may be able to increase your offer by stripping the car yourself, just make sure you have a buyer or acceptable disposal method for the parts you remove.

5. Get Multiple Quotes

Call around to several junk buyers before choosing an offer. Offers for your old car can vary greatly, even in the same geographic region. Also, keep in mind that most offers are a quote — if the vehicle you deliver is not in the condition advertised, the quoted offer will be adjusted to reflect the reality. 

Contact a junk car buyer for more information.